Besting the Billionaire

Besting the Billionaire

Book 2: Billionaire's Revenge Series

Coming January 15, 2018

Sometimes what you want is the exact opposite of what you need…

Billionaire Alexander Kazankov is used to coming out on top. So, it’s a definite kick to the balls when his plans are threatened by a gorgeous piece of Southern fluff who’s way out of her league.

Lily Bennett’s been underestimated before, but this time she’s determined to succeed—and no arrogant, Russian Neanderthal, especially the too-gorgeous-kind, is going to stop her from climbing to the corporate summit.

Still, competition isn’t the only thing stirred-up when these two clash. And soon playing dirty in the boardroom leads to playing even dirtier in the dark. On the conference table… In the stairwell….

But someone else is playing to win, too, and if these two rivals aren’t careful, they might lose everything they never knew they needed.

Insta-hate, insatiable lust, and high stakes…what could go wrong?